Glucan II

Oat Beta-Glucan Mesh Matrix Dressing

Oat Beta-Glucan

Oat has a long established place in medical history and has been used as a remedy for a multitude of ailments to calm, soothe and comfort the skin. Oat Beta-Glucan, derived from the cell wall of oats, provides a moisture-rich environment necessary for skin recovery.

Glucan II

Glucan II is an advanced multifilament mesh matrix burn and wound management dressing coated with oat beta-glucan, ideal for skin loss injuries such as donor sites and partial thickness burns.

  • Minimizes Pain
  • Allows for adherence, flexibility and conformance
  • Reduces number of dressing changes
  • Allows for early ambulation
  • Semi-occlusive barrier provides protected moist environment
  • Easy observation of wound healing
Catalog No. Units Description
GLU-50122 Box of 5 sheets 5" x 12" (13 x 30cm)
GLU-10155 Box of 5 sheets 10" x 15" (25 x 38cm)
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