Brennen Skin Graft Mesher

Entrust your valuable autografts to a mesher with decades of reliable performance.


  • Non-crushing mesher pinches instead of cutting graft, maintaining graft integrity
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Consistently creates uniform pattern
  • Provides years of reliable performance with proper care
  • Provides confidence in successful meshing and in use of capital budget


  • Totally self-contained/no interchangeable parts, reducing risk of parts being lost/damaged
  • Weighted design provides stability while meshing and holds mesher firmly in place for unassisted operation

Graft Versatility

  • Automatically adjusts to various thicknesses of skin
  • Variety of expansion ratios

No Carriers Required

  • Saves cost, time and trouble of ordering disposable carriers
  • Allows meshing of any length graft
  • Minimizes risk of unmeshed areas


  • No sharp blades, reducing operator injury
  • No blades to sharpen

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction with the Brennen Skin Graft Mesher is guaranteed. Stellen Medical will refund the full purchase price within 30 days of purchase date if you are not totally convinced the Brennen Skin Graft Mesher meets your needs.*
*Available in the U.S. only

Expert Service and Repairs

If your mesher is ever in need of repair, Stellen Medical provides expert service by people who understand the unique nature and function of the Brennen Mesher. We offer quality repairs with loaners available if needed.

Ordering Information

4.5 inch Brennen Skin Graft Mesher
meshes grafts up to 4.5 in (11.5 cm) wide

Catalog No. Description (approx.)
BSGM-PC Pie Crust (minimal perforations)
BSGM-0011 1:1 Expansion Ratio
BSGM-0021 2:1 Expansion Ratio
BSGM-0031 3:1 Expansion Ratio
BSGM-0041 4:1 Expansion Ratio
BSGM-0061 6:1 Expansion Ratio
BSGM-0100 Mesher Storage/Sterilizer Box

Pie Crust
(minimal perforations)












Representation of Brennen Skin Graft Mesher ratios using porcine dermis.

4.5” Brennen Skin Graft Mesher: Demonstration

4.5” Brennen Skin Graft Mesher: Reassembly

4.5” Brennen Skin Graft Mesher: Disassembly

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